An Ukulele Anthem

A child’s dream came true last night. Amanda Palmer – whose songs I used to listen to in my small bedroom when I was sixteen – in a solo performance with her “small and forceful” ukulele at the New Gowanus Space in Brooklyn for the Winter Festival, among old furniture, New Orleans food and apple and cinnamon pie.

Used to piano’s virtuosities, Amanda has chosen ukulele as her new favorite instrument. The beautiful piano half of The Dresden Dolls duo played Radiohead covers, ukulele adaptations of her songs and her new personal Ukulele Anthem, a declaration of love to her Ukulele, a song that has been performed first during the Occupy movement in Liberty Square.

Amanda turned her wonderful four-stringed music machine into a symbol of individuality. The lyrics of her Ukulele Anthem are the result of a peculiar campaign that Amanda started on Twitter. She asked her followers to tell her about an empowering three-syllable object they are not allowed to take to work. They feed her ideas and she wrote this five-minutes song, built around three descending chords, going from Sid Vicious to John Lennon. An ode to a peaceful ukulele that would save the people, banish evil and make your day.

This is a “so fucking special” Amanda Palmer performing Ukulele Anthem in New York City in front of a very crowded Zuccotti Park.

So play your favorite cover song!



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