Paris is a good idea

Paris is always a good idea. Is it truly? They say Audrey Hepburn once said that in a movie. But was it one of her thoughts? Or a Sabrina‘s one? Or an Holly Golightly‘s wandering blues?

I was asking to myself if Paris was always a good idea or not while I was waiting for the metro in Barbès, carrying my second suitcase to my second flat where I’m going to stay only for one month and a half. I realized that I definitely don’t feel as lying in a warm Tiffany’s embrace as I used to feel here. And this town makes me stumble more and more.


Is it rain? Is these apartment troubles? Is this cold French touch in relationships that makes me feel so down? No answers so far but I wanted so much to be here, to have this life, that Paris must be a good idea. And I will try to believe it. Above all, about changing flat, I’m getting used to. About rain, I threw my umbrella and accepted bravely this endless grisaille. About this French touch, unfortunately, it seems that I helplessly love it.

So let’s make it funnier and better. Changing flat means also discovering those clothes you forgot in the last drawer of your wardrobe and finding unexpected money in your bags. And finally realizing that even in Place de Clichy you can see the Eiffel Tower from your window.

Soundtrack: I love Paris, Ella Fitzgerald

(c) fred baby/flickr